Regenerating A New “” file



1.)                cd  /usr/lib/mail/cf

2.)                cp [hostname].mc

3.)                /usr/ccs/bin/m4  ../m4/cf.m4  [hostname].mc > [hostname].cf  

(This creates the new file under the [hostname].cf filename.)

4.)                mv [hostname].cf  /etc/mail

5.)                cd /etc/mail

6.)                mv [hostname].cf

7.)                cd /etc/rc2.d

8.)                ./S88sendmail stop

9.)                ./S88sendmail start

10.)            /usr/lib/sendmail –v [your mail address]

SUBJECT:  Test From [hostname]

This is a test from [hostname].





11.)            You should not receive any error messages during the e-mail transmission.

12.)            Check to see if mail is being transmitted using the “mailq” command.